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Therapy Swap had been running since 2005 as a private site, bringing a great way to practice, relax, develop and above all enjoy life and have fun.

We've taken the main site down for a few months to enable us to clean out the membership, improve the wesbite and give you back a much better experience. If you'd like to register to be told when we're back online then:

Register for new site Launch information

Email us at registerme@therapyswap.com with your name,age,location and the therapies your interested in, and you'll be given a FREE MEMBERSHIP so Register Now.

How many times have you wanted a massage but not wanted to spend £££s or $$$s? Or what about a Reiki session.. when you're really run down? Or that coaching session that would get you back on track?

Did you do a training course? Do you remember what it was like when you did it, and you practised on each other. You enjoyed receiving and giving, and being around positive people was great.

Well TherapySwap.net lets you find people in a similiar situation and swap therapy treatments. That's right you can find someone, get in touch, and swap therapies. You want to swap massages - go for it. Swap a reiki session for a coaching session - that might work too.

Above all people are flexible and friendly. Just remember that Karma is out there.. so don't expect to give 2minutes and get 3 hours ..

Also.. be honest. it's important to say whether you are qualified, insured etc.. All you're meetings are on your own discretion and judgement, and we have not "vetted" any of the members. Just use common sense, as if you'd picked up the flyer at the gym noticeboard.

I love the idea how can I help.. Be an Angel

Get in touch and tell us what you'd like to, or what you can offer. We have plenty of ideas and ways for people to help, from becoming affiliates to the new site, to being "reviewers" and agents - checking out good people and rating peoples therapies... so go on get in touch today. beanangel@therapyswap.com

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